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For Busy Entrepreneurs

Facebook Ads are not like Google Adwords that you can just set and forget. Campaigns need to be monitored regularly and should be tweaked and/or rotated when ‘ad fatigue’ and campaign bottlenecks come into play.

We know you’re busy and so we ask you to just focus on your zone of genius. Leave all the campaign complexities with us.

What we do

We make <em><strong>Facebook Ads</strong> </em>that are fit for your goals

We'll get to know <strong><em>your business</strong>

We will make an effort to get to know your business, your goals, and your target audience so we can tailor the right campaign for you.

We will be <strong><em>your guide</em></strong>

We don’t just point you to the right direction but we will even go an extra mile to make you understand how we can make your business grow.

We study <strong><em>everything for you</em></strong>

We audit, track, and monitor how your audience behaves across multiple devices to make sure that your marketing budget is never wasted.

Where you’re at

We want to know your current struggles when it comes to marketing your business through Facebook.

Where you want to be

We would want to know your goals so we can help you determine the metrics for success that we can use for our campaigns.

How to get there

We will tailor a custom solution to make you succeed using real-time data from Facebook ads platform.

How to stay there

We will tell you the little-known secrets to make sure that people are continuously aware of your brand and your offerings.

Here are some of the

Frequently asked questions about Facebook Ads

<strong>01</strong> Why run Facebook Ads?

With more or less 2 Billion monthly active users and an organic reach that is practically nonexistent, it has really become essential to invest with Facebook’s “pay to play” advertising model.

With Facebook ads, you will be able to take advantage with Facebook’s data that will enable you to reach directly to your target market. With our experience and expertise, we will reach the right audience and spend the right budget.

<strong>02</strong> How targeted a Facebook Ad is?

Facebook allows you to target people who have genuine interest for your business and you can basically tell FB to show your ads only for them.

Currently, you can target people by location, age, gender, level of education, household income, industry, job title, employer, occupation, employer, life events, interests, behaviours and more.

<strong>03</strong> Why can I just not post on my Facebook page?

Facebook algoritm weighs the content that it displays on its feed using more or less 100,000 factors. Facebook announced that it only serves a post to 16% of the audience of a Facebook page. In the past few months, we’ve even noticed that this percentage is declining. For this reason, it has really become harder for entrepreneurs like us to organically serve our content.

<strong>04</strong> Why can I just Advertise myself?

You can surely do that.

Facebook ads, however, have to be regularly monitored to ensure that you’re getting maximum ROI. You need to know how to tweak or rotate an ad once it experiences ‘ad fatigue’, check on the average cost per lead and cost per customer, monitor real-time data on the platform, among others, to make sure your are getting the most out of your investment.

We understand that as a real entrepreneur, you are faced with a thousand decision to keep every aspect of your business in sync and most importantly, and to have that kind of life that only a privileged few will get a taste of. But if you have all the time to monitor the numbers and do the tweaks, you surely can do the advertising part without needing any help from Facebook Ads professionals.

our skills

Here are our <strong><em>Strengths</em></strong>


Facebook Ads Targeting


Facebook Ads optimization


Facebook Ads Management


FB Ads Audit and analysis


Over 90% of <em><strong>entrepreneurs</strong> </em>run ads for their business!

Don’t be left behind!

We can run a hyper-local campaign for any offer that you have right now. We can show your offer only to people in any specific geographical area you wish your ad to appear. How does that sound?

After placing the order, contact us to schedule a project kick off consultation to gather information before we begin the work.

*Apart from the FB management cost, we also require minimum of $600 Ad spend (paid directly to Facebook). The higher you spend for an Ad, the larger your audience gets.


  • Whole campaign setup
  • Access to my 9-point optimization checklist
  • Buyer persona analysis
  • Conversion pixel creation (if applicable)
  • Ad monitoring
  • Ad optimization
  • Up to 20 ads per month
  • FB Engagement strategy sheet
  • Social media posting timetable
  • Monthly report at the end of 2nd month and every month thereafter

Our <strong><em>Values</em></strong>

We commit ourselves to do everything within our power to take some load off the shoulders of busy entrepreneurs so they can continue making difference in the  world we all live in.

Our <strong><em>Philosophy</em></strong>

The work that  we do for entrepreneurs is a reflection of the love we have for the world. We believe that we can do this  by striving to make our clients grow to their full potential.

Our <strong><em>Mission</em></strong>

A Facebook Ads Agency that uses its business to inspire entrepreneurs to collaborate with trust and to provide them solutions they need to thrive in the world we all seek to serve.


What our clients <em><strong>had to say</strong> </em>about us

I can’t thank FB Ads Services enough for helping me get to where I am currently at. I wish I have found them during the setup phase of my business. I could’ve avoided a few headaches during that phase. They have my high recommendations!

Rachelle <em>P.</em>

Boutique Owner

I love these guys! They have rich background in travel and working with them is both rewarding and educational. They have really shown me the way to bring my offers to hundreds of thousands of people who are just waiting to see what I have for them.

Rob <em>W.</em>

Travel Agency Owner

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