Facebook Ads <em><strong>Audit</strong></em>

Our <em><strong>Facebook Ads Audit</strong> </em> service helps entrepreneurs settle issues with their ads

Conducting regular ad audits for any of your Facebook campaigns is crucial to your success. It should be considered as an important aspect of your entire Facebook marketing strategy.

The FB Ads Audit that we will run can effectively determine which of your ads are winners at top 20% (ones you should scale) and which of them are at the bottom 10 percent (ones you should cut lose). The data will be sourced from the vast number of metrics on your account and from the report that we send to you, you will be able to see where you’re going right and where you’re going wrong.

This Facebook Ads service carries with it the assurance that we will avoid measuring vanity metrics that won’t give you any meaningful data to work with or won’t help find the bottlenecks of your Facebook Ads campaign.

Here are some of the metrics that we consider:

Relevance Score Icon

Relevance <strong><em>score</em></strong>

One of the first things we look when doing FB Ads audit is the Relevance Score. It gives us fair understanding if the ad is resonating with the people you want to reach. An that has high relevance score is considered performing and are more likely to be shown to your target audience.

Placement performance Icon

Placement <strong><em>performance</em></strong>

Our audit covers Placement Performance to see if placements have only resulted in loss of advertising budget. Using the data that our audit provides, you will get an idea on where to focus your budget and which ad you should scale and that is, to give budget on what is most effective.

Cost Per Click Icon

Cost <strong><em>per click</em></strong>

While Cost Per Click is different for each industry and completely depends on your objectives or performance goals, CPC analysis is made part of our audit. The data we provide will help you know if your ad copy works, if your creatives are make sense or if your call to actions are clear enough, among others.

Frequency Rate Icon

Frequency <strong><em>Rate</em></strong>

We will make available an analysis of your Frequency rate so you would see if the same people aren’t seeing your ads too often during the campaign and to see if your target audience starts to experience ad fatigue. This information will help us avoid waste of your advertising budget.

Cost Per Conversion Icon

Cost per <strong><em>conversion</em></strong>

We go deeper into your Facebook Ads campaign to help get solid conversion rates at a great Cost Per Conversion, one of the most significant metrics that determines how much each customer costs. With the data we provide, you will be able to see exactly which ads bring most profit and must be scaled.

Click-through <strong><em>rate</em></strong>

We will help you find which ads have low Click-Through Rate based on our ad placement, campaign goals, and other related verticals. Our audit usually tries to analyze campaigns that have generated at least 10,000 impressions and based on data gathered, we’ll recommend actions on which ads you should scale.

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How much do I need to <em><strong>invest</strong> </em> and what are the <em><strong>inclusions</strong> </em>?

Here are the inclusions:

  • Initial consultation and analysis of the current state of your ads account;
  • Top to bottom analysis and assessment of the above-enumerated metrics;
  • Report sheet containing the issues and bottlenecks of your current campaign, your audience, ad copy and creatives, among others;
  • Detailed plan of action for your future Ads campaigns.

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