Facebook Ads <em><strong>Consulting</strong></em>

Our <em><strong>Facebook Ads Consulting</strong> </em> is a service that helps entrepreneurs get some direction or new ideas

Doing Facebook ads can appear deceptively easy. We create campaigns by simply clicking on buttons but our ads campaigns only bleed cash without seeing real results. At this point, it’s best to look for a Facebook Ads Consultant that knows the system inside and out.

FB Ads Services offers this consulting service but however limits it to qualified people. If you pass our qualification phase, we will walk you through the complexities of FB Ads campaigns. We will show you things that performed really well from ad copy, creatives, split testing, demographics lists, buyer personas, retargeting, market research and more. After the consultation, we will develop a strategy that you can implement on your end.

This service is great if you have campaigns that you want to tweak and if you have the necessary resources to implement any suggestion that we give.

Here are some of the things that you can take advantage of:

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Ad account <strong><em>basics</em></strong>

We will look into how you have organized your baseline. We will evaluate your basic setup such as your audience creation, ad copy and creatives, landing pages, ad strategy and your offerings. We go with the boring stuffs but we will cut through the crap and get to the point.

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Audience <strong><em>research</em></strong>

We will teach you how to properly do Audience Research to identify the right audience and best possible targeting opportunities. With this knowledge, you will be able to explore the ins and outs of FB’s targeting options. With this knowledge, you’ll be able to bring your ads to your ideal prospects.

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New <strong><em>ads workflow</em></strong>

Do you know that Ads Manager and Power Editor is now combined into one platform called “Ads Manager”? We will show you this New Ads Workflow to easily create and manage your ads in one place. With us guiding you on this workflow, you will love the updated Ads Manager and will never get lost again.

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Statistics <strong><em>review</em></strong>

We will look into the reports and statistical data on Facebook ads interface. We will check how your campaigns are performing and determine why you are not getting the results you deserve.

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Ad <strong><em>copy and creatives</em></strong>

We will revisit your Ad Copy And Creatives to check if they can address the pain points of your audience or if it could propel them to take action. We will also check those which have performed well for other entrepreneurs and we will provide sound suggestions on how you can bring your message out.

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New <strong><em>split testing</em></strong> feature

With the new Split Testing feature of Facebook, you can now say goodbye to audience overlap. The new feature help you find out which of your ads perform better by selecting the variable you want to test. We can walk you through this built-in split testing feature and we know that you will surely love it.

Want to <em><strong>work with us?</strong></em>

Tell us about your project.

How much do I need to <em><strong>invest</strong> </em> and what are the <em><strong>inclusions</strong> </em>?

Here are the inclusions:

  • Consultation and top to bottom analysis of your ads account;
  • Undertake the above-mentioned tasks;
  • Walk through on the new exciting features of Facebook Ads;
  • Detailed plan of action for your future Ads campaigns.

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