Facebook Ads <em><strong>Management</strong></em>

Our <em><strong>Facebook Ads Management</strong> </em> is a service that helps entrepreneurs focus on their zone of genius

Our Facebook ads management service covers everything from ads audit to setting up of ads to ads optimization and reporting. We will make an effort to get to know your business, your goals, and your target audience so we can tailor the right campaign for you.

We this Facebook Ads Service, we don’t just point you to the right direction but we will even go an extra mile to make you understand how we can make your business grow.

This service covers the auditing, tracking, and monitoring how your audience behaves across multiple devices to make sure that your marketing budget is never wasted.

Here are the things that we consider for this service:

FB Ads Audit Icon

Facebook <strong><em>Ads Audit</em></strong>

Conducting regular ad audits for any of your Facebook campaigns is crucial to your success. It should be considered as an important aspect of your entire Facebook marketing strategy. The data from vast number of metrics will help you see where you’re going right and where you’re going wrong.

Facebook Ads Optimization Icon

Facebook <strong><em>Ads Optimization</em></strong>

We will help analyze the performance your current ad sets, look into the data on your Facebook ads interface, your analytics and other KPIs. We will make the needed adjustments, see how users behave across multiple devices, and gather necessary user experience data for further analysis.

9-point FB Ads Strategy Icon

9-point <strong><em>FB Ads Strategy</em></strong>

I will send you over our 9-point Facebook Ads Strategy so you will be guided on all the things that we do to bring you to your goals. It discusses the time where cost-per-click go up where you’ll notice that your ads’ frequency rate goes up in the sky. It also tells you what we do when this happens.

Facebook Ads Setup Icon

Facebook <strong><em>Ads Setup</em></strong>

Setting up your Facebook Ads right from the start is crucial to your success. Your ads will be setup with consideration to your ad goals. We will collect all the information we need about what you are trying to accomplish with any ad campaign and will map out a way on how we can get there.

Conversion Optimization Icon

Conversion <strong><em>Optimization</em></strong>

We go deeper into your Facebook Ads campaign to help get solid conversion rates at a great cost per conversion, one of the most significant metrics that determines how much each customer costs. With the data we provide, you will be able to see exactly which ads bring most profit and must be scaled.

Monitoring and Reporting Icon

Monitoring and <strong><em>reporting</em></strong>

At the end of the 2nd month and every month thereafter, we will regularly send you reports of your ad performance. It will also contain suggestions on how we can improve your campaigns, the scaling necessary, change in Ad budget and everything in between.

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Over 90% of <em><strong>entrepreneurs</strong> </em>run ads for their business!

Don’t be left behind!

We can run a hyper-local campaign for any offer that you have right now. We can show your offer only to people in any specific geographical area you wish your ad to appear. How does that sound?

After placing the order, contact us to schedule a project kick off consultation to gather information before we begin the work.

*Apart from the FB management cost, we also require minimum of $600 Ad spend (paid directly to Facebook). The higher you spend for an Ad, the larger your audience gets.


  • Whole campaign setup
  • Access to my 9-point optimization checklist
  • Buyer persona analysis
  • Conversion pixel creation (if applicable)
  • Ad monitoring
  • Ad optimization
  • Up to 20 ads per month
  • FB Engagement strategy sheet
  • Social media posting timetable
  • Monthly report at the end of 2nd month and every month thereafter

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