Facebook Ads <em><strong>Optimization</strong></em>

Our <em><strong>Facebook Ads Optimization</strong> </em> is a service that helps entrepreneurs fix the bottlenecks of their ads

You might have noticed that your ads aren’t bringing you the best ROI. It must have experienced bottlenecks that are making it bleed cash day in and day out. Facebook Ads optimization is another crucial of your entire Facebook marketing strategy.

We can help analyze the performance your current ad sets, look into the data on your Facebook ads interface, your analytics and other KPIs. We will make adjustments and see how users behave across multiple devices and gather necessary user experience data for further analysis.

In performing this Facebook Ads Service, our team will determine the success metrics that you can use. It may be shopping card purchases, impressions, engagement rate, video watch percentage, etc. This will help you set your present ads straight and prevent further wastage of your marketing budget.

Here are some of the points that we consider for this service:

Revisit Ad Goals Icon

Revisit <strong><em>ad goals</em></strong>

Our team will revisit your Ad Goals to determine if your ads resonate with the people you want to reach. We will make adjustments on nonperforming ads and make sure they are aligned to your marketing goals. You can then duplicate this ad setup in the future depending on whether it is apt and fitting.

Budget Management Icon

Budget <strong><em>management</em></strong>

We will perform Budget Management analysis to see if placements and audience choice have not resulted in loss of advertising budget. Using the data that our audit provides, you will get an idea on where to focus your budget and which ad you should scale and which ads you should lower bids.

Campaign Scaling Icon

Campaign <strong><em>scaling</em></strong>

We will do Campaign Scaling, look for the new demographics to try on without losing sight of your objectives or performance goals. We will also suggest effective ad copy and creatives if we think they would help you moving forward. When a campaign starts to become profitable, we will push it even further.

Audience Testing Icon

Audience <strong><em>Testing</em></strong>

We will perform Audience Testing to see if you have identified the right audience and best possible targeting opportunities. We will look into the targeting options on the Facebook Ads interface and will let you know how we can make your ads reach to your ideal prospects and maximize your ROI.

Performance Optimization Icon

Performance <strong><em>optimization</em></strong>

We will go deeper into your Facebook Ads campaign and undertake Performance Optimization to make sure that your campaigns are performing well and are in sync with your goals. With the data we provide, you will be able to see exactly which ads bring most profit and you can expand.

Campaign Setup Proper Icon

Campaign <strong><em>setup</em></strong> proper

We will undertake the Campaign Setup Proper on the Facebook Ads interface. We will look into the different demographics to make sure that the setup is best suited to your needs. We will utilize all the proprietary tools and techniques that we have on our team to make your ads successful.

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How much do I need to <em><strong>invest</strong> </em> and what are the <em><strong>inclusions</strong> </em>?

Here are the inclusions:

  • Initial consultation and analysis of the current state of your ads account;
  • Setup of the things enumerated above (from ad revisiting your goals to setting your ads again);
  • Optimization of up to 2 FB ads campaigns and up to 5 Ads;
  • Detailed plan of action for your future Ads campaigns.

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