Facebook Ads <em><strong>Setup</strong></em>

Our <em><strong>Facebook Ads Setup</strong> </em> is a service that helps entrepreneurs run their ads straight

Setting up your Facebook Ads right from the start is crucial to your success. Your ads will be setup with consideration to your ad goals. We will collect all the information we need about what you are trying to accomplish with any ad campaign and will map out a way on how we can get there.

Our Ads setup service will help you become stronger in the highly competitive arena of Facebook marketing. Your competition is secretly asking professionals to look into their account and so you should do that too.

Now that Facebook ads platform starts to become complex, many entrepreneurs tend to get lost. With all the different choices available, ticking on the appropriate boxing has become more of a challenge. With someone setting up everything for you, you will get the feeling of assurance that you will have ads that this Facebook Ads service will meet all your goals and will not be wasting your marketing budget.

Here are what our team of Facebook Ads specialists will consider:

Ad Goals Crafting Icon

Ad goals <strong><em>crafting</em></strong>

We want to begin the process by knowing your Ad goals. Your ads should resonate with your overall marketing objectives and so we need to determine a solid vision for the goals. This will help you save energy, time and money in making tweaks to your campaigns if you with to duplicate the ad setup.

Ad Copy and Creatives Icon

Ad <strong><em>copy and creatives</em></strong>

We suggest Ad Copy And Creatives which have performed well for other entrepreneurs. We however leave to you the decision of choosing what you feel is congruent with your target audience. With the suggestions that we have for you, you will save weeks trying to figure out these things.

Track Conversions Icon

Track <strong><em>conversions</em></strong>

We will help you Track Conversions to determine if your targeting, copy and creatives work for you. If applicable, we will install conversion tracking so we can see how much leads and sales does your Facebook ads campaign gets. This will help you determine which ads you should be scaling.

Audience Research Icon

Audience <strong><em>research</em></strong>

We will conduct Audience Research to identify the right audience and best possible targeting opportunities. Facebook ads should be highly targeted and there are many targeting options you can choose from. We will do all the necessary research to bring your ads to your ideal prospects.

Landing Page Suggestions Icon

Landing page <strong><em>suggestions</em></strong>

We will provide proven and tested Landing Page Suggestion to make sure that those who click on your ads will not bounce quickly. Your landing page should strike balance to your goals. when it is effectively designed, it will be easy for you to convert visits into leads and sales.

Campaign Setup Proper Icon

Campaign <strong><em>setup</em></strong> proper

We will undertake the Campaign Setup Proper on the Facebook Ads interface. We will look into the different demographics to make sure that the setup is best suited to your needs. We will utilize all the proprietary tools and techniques that we have on our team to make your ads successful.

Want to <em><strong>work with us?</strong></em>

Tell us about your project.

How much do I need to <em><strong>invest</strong> </em> and what are the <em><strong>inclusions</strong> </em>?

Here are the inclusions:

  • Initial consultation and analysis of the current state of your ads account;
  • Setup of the things enumerated above (from ad goals crafting to Ads setup proper);
  • Creation of up to two FB ads campaigns and up to 5 Ads;
  • Detailed plan of action for your future Ads campaigns.

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